Welcome students!

by Nynke Passi


Welcome to MUM’s Creative Process class. In this course you get to spend lots of time with your very own Muse. The course is structured to help you get back in touch with your inner creative self, which is naturally available inside of you all the time and at any time if you learn to trust that it is there and if you access it to draw from it. As the writer Brenda Ueland said: “Creativity is like a faucet. If you don’t turn it on, nothing comes out. But if you turn it on, it flows.”

The main textbook in this class is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Here you can read more about her: Julia Cameron on Wikipedia

This is a link to her personal website: Julia Cameron Live

And this is a link to a derivative site, 750words.com, which was started by an artist who wanted to make doing the morning pages more fun for everyone: http://750words.com/

Use this tool to help you with your morning pages if you wish!