Schedule Monday-Wed April 7-9

by Nynke Passi

Schedule Monday/Tuesday

We will meet in class on Monday morning at 10 AM. I will definitely teach half days on Monday and Tuesday, and I will be available full days if I can. I am getting better. Thank you for all of the sweet notes.

Elizabeth Gilbert and Creativity

If you have not seen it yet, please watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s video on about Nourishing the Creative Genius, which is also posted to your blog:

Janet shared this video link about the Creative Spark you might also be interested in. I will post it to the blog today:


I wanted to remind you all that we will discuss readings on Monday, so be prepared. We will also discuss the artist dates, so you will be reporting to the class briefly about what you did.

Acting Workshop Wednesday all day

On Wednesday this coming week, we will have an all day acting workshop with Lenore Jones, former Theater professor here at MUM. We will hold the workshop in the media lounge to have more space. I will remind you of this again ahead of time.